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Trouble Shooting Tools


Common Troubleshooting Tools Pop Monitor These Pop monitors can test multiple types of video from different sources such as SDI and Fiber. Triax Tester This handy little tool checks to see if power and video flow through a triax cable. Q-Box A Q-Box is a speaker with an input and an output. These test to

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ENG Shoot VS Truck Shoot


ENG Shoot Incredibly simple but gets the job done. ENG = "Electronic News Gathering" Collecting raw and unedited video. Usually storing video onto a card or broadcasting through a wireless medium. One man camera crew. Best used for interviews and color shots. Video and Audio is edited in post production. Simple "On the Fly" Shoots.

ENG Shoot VS Truck Shoot2024-02-15T10:43:44-05:00

Cable Paths


Running cables properly for a live broadcast production is crucial to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted transmission of audio and video signals.   Here are some steps to follow to run cables properly:   Plan the cable routes: Before you start running cables, plan the routes carefully. Consider the location of the cameras, microphones, and

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Time Management on Shoots


Effective time management is essential for freelancers in broadcast television, as they often work on tight deadlines and with multiple clients.   Here are some tips for managing time effectively:   Create a schedule: Make a detailed schedule for each day, with specific times blocked out for each task/gig. This can help you stay on

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Weather Proofing Broadcast Television Equipment


Weatherproofing broadcast television equipment is important when filming in outdoor or inclement weather conditions to protect the equipment from damage and ensure the safety of the crew.   Here are some steps to properly weatherproof broadcast television equipment:   Use protective cases: Use protective cases and covers to protect cameras, microphones, and other equipment from

Weather Proofing Broadcast Television Equipment2023-12-04T12:05:52-05:00

Vector Scopes & Waveform Monitors


How to read a Vector Scope and Waveform Monitor Understanding how to read a waveform monitor and a vector scope is the first step in being able to effectively shade cameras on a live production.  Waveform monitors and vector scopes are essential tools for video professionals to ensure that their content meets technical standards and

Vector Scopes & Waveform Monitors2024-02-15T12:27:49-05:00

How to Troubleshoot a Broadcast System


How to Troubleshoot a Broadcast System Learning how to efficiently troubleshoot is an especially useful skill to have when you are working in a live production environment.  It is important to use your time efficiently when on site before a show, especially since there is a hard deadline for you to have your equipment set

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